Thursday, December 6, 2012

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Friday, February 24, 2012

Press Release Feb 2012

PRESS RELEASE February 2012

The Seaweed Lady Announces 2012 Seaweed Harvest and
Celebrates 10 Years working in the Spa Industry with the
Opening of New Seaflora Seaweed Centre of Sooke, British Columbia.

“The healing benefits of seaweeds have been known and practiced for centuries”, says Diane Bernard, the first woman entrepreneur of Seaweeds and founder of Seaflora, Wild Organic Seaweed Skincare, the leading seaweed company in the world, and the first to achieve USDA organic certifications for their seaweeds..  “The Seaweed Lady” as she is known, points to fresh wild growing seaweeds flourishing in an under-sea garden off Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. and says,”Nutirtion for the Skin!  They’re packed full of bio-available vitamins including the B-complex, A, C, E, plus important trace minerals and elements like iodine, sodium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and natural astringents.”

March, 2012 is the opening of her companies 10th seaweed harvest season and from her new Seaweed Centrethe only seaweed institute of its kind in North America - she continues to offer her famous “Wild Seaweed Tours”; and now features thalassotherapy classes, seminars to the public, media and health industry professionals where she educates about the health benefits of wild pacific seaweed.

Seaflora wild organic seaweed skincare consists of 30 plus high-end skin care products for face and body available coast to coast in Canada and the USA. Seaflora’s exclusive clientele features internationally known resorts as Cavallo Point, California; Chi Spa, Shangri-La Hotel Vancouver; Drift Spa, Blackrock, Vancouver Island; Ancient Cedars, Wickaninnish Inn, Tofino; Grail Springs, Ontario; 4-Seasons, Whistler and the Ritz Carleton Hotel, Toronto

“The Seaweed Lady” is recognized for developing unique processing methods to capture the vitamin and mineral profile of wild seaweed to be applied topically to the skin. Her specialty remains working with spas who want effective seaweed skincare treatments that incorporate wild seaweeds as the principal ingredient and not the standard industrialized seaweed extract.

Located on the west coast of Canada, Vancouver Island is a hot spot for marine diversityWhere some see icky stuff, (dare we say slime?), Diane Bernard sees a rich, healthy, exotic green resource that provides nutrient and mineral rich health and wellness treatments and products.

“There are more than 700 species of seaweeds on this coast,” says the seaweed specialist, while treading along the lush coastline in Sooke, British Columbia. “Here are some of the most diverse seaweed beds in the world and our wild seaweeds are grander, bigger and cleaner, too.”  Not only are her seaweeds the healthiest plants on the planet, her Seaweed beds contain the fastest growing seaweed – “Macrocystis pyrifera, or Giant Kelp grows 45 metres in single year, that can be 2 feet per day!”

To find out more about the Seaweed Lady, the Seaflora Seaweed Centre, the Wild Seaweed Tours and Seaflora’s seaweed treatments and products, contact us directly.

Let us know how we can “kelp”.

Diane Bernard
Seaweed Lady
Seaflora wild organic seaweed skincare

Thursday, January 12, 2012

More Magazine: Sea Change

-published in More Magazine, Canada's Magazine Celebrating Women Over 40-
By Joanne Blain
Diane Bernard used to be a corporate research officer. Today, she’s
known as the Seaweed Lady. How one woman traded in a career in
an office building for one in the ocean beds of Vancouver Island
Diane Bernard scans the waters off Vancouver Island’s rocky shore with the practised eye of someone who has lived beside the ocean for most of her life. Her eyes are sea green, not quite as intense as the emerald colour of the sea lettuce she’s munching on as she talks. She’s describing why she left the high-stress world of mediation and arbitration, where her role was to bridge the frequently fractious divide between management and unions, to become “the seaweed lady.”

“I was turning 50, and I thought I could do more of the same and do it well. But it meant travelling to Vancouver and Toronto and taking me farther away from this,” she says, sweeping a hand over the waves lapping the shore of Whiffen Spit in Sooke, about 40 kilometres west of Victoria. “And I started thinking, finally my children have grown up, here I have been preaching about staying local and staying in a community, and I was going to run. I didn’t want to be sitting in boardrooms— I wanted to be here.”So she decided to stay put.....